The Dark Side of the Room

the government is not for the people

Perp: college student
Crime: uploaded Fast & Furious 6 to internet
Sentence: 33 months

Perp: state Senator
Crime: 8 counts perjury and voter fraud
Sentence: 3 months

So, to recap: one of these things is ELEVEN TIMES WORSE. And it’s not the one where the elected official sworn to defend the Constitution and the law betrays their office, commits a crime against every citizen and resident, and undermines American democracy itself.


The government is for corporations.


There are an alarming number of people who sincerely think pumpkin, as it grows out of the ground, naturally tastes like allspice, cinnamon, and ginger.

And then there are all the people who honestly believe sweet potatoes taste like that marshmallow-topped nightmare people keep on making. They don’t know there’s a difference. *smh* That just makes me sad.