The Dark Side of the Room

A conversation I fucking hate

Them: exhausting social event! yay!!
Me: uuugh, I don’t want to go
Them: but it’ll be fun! you’ll be fine!
Them: but everyone’s expecting you!
Them: but it’ll look weird if you don’t
Them: but I’ll feel strange going without you

Hey. Newsflash. NONE OF THAT IS HELPFUL. All you’re doing is telling me what the cultural expectations are, and that the penalty for not complying is gentle social censure (“she’s weird”). Which. What made you think I don’t know that?? I’m well fucking aware, thanks. That’s part of the problem. You insensitive ass.

I don’t need you to tell me what “normal” is. I don’t need you to tell me I’ll “look weird” or “make everything weird” if I behave according to my nature. I fucking know that.

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